TLO Online Investigative System

Company Details:
P.O. Box 811660
Boca Raton, fl 33481

Phone: 561-988-4200
Toll Free: 800-856-5599
Fax: 561-998-8628

TLO has reinvented the data-fusion industry for research and investigative needs. Our unique Knowledge Engine produces answers never before attainable. TLOxp, our flagship online product, is revolutionary and easier to use than any system available. It's not only user-friendly. It's user loveable...

We're Growing Every Day.

With thousands of subscribers signing up weekly, we're working around the clock fusing more data and enhancing our Knowledge Engines' capabilities to add new features and functionality.

Our Leading-Edge, Secure Facility

TLO's fusion center is a Category 5 hurricane-proof building. We are equipped with the most sophisticated electronic facilities security systems available.

Dedicated. Passionate. Unbeatable.

We are a blend of scientists, programmers, technologists, seasoned professional investigators, sworn law enforcement officers, prosecutors, attorneys and executives. Our philosophy is that a company is two things - it's products and customers and we are here to serve you.

Reverse Phone Number Lookup

Reverse Phone Number Lookup

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Link to America - Investigative Database

Link to America - Investigative Database

From TLO Online Investigative System