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14500 N. Northsight Blvd.
Scottsdale, AZ 85253

Smith & Wesson Advanced Technologies (SWAT) offers IdentiKit2000 and IdentiKit.NET, the leading solutions in computer generated facial composite sketch tools. IdentiKit.NET is a web hosted application that includes features such as easy to master, intuitive interface, built in help utility, 24/7 availability, instantaneously transmit images via email or post them on the web and share information and best practices with other LEA's. SWAT has developed LEX MDC, a handheld, wireless PDA that connects the mobile officer with critical information in real time. Because the LEX MDC utilizes the data optimized networks of Cingular and Motient, transmission speeds are far superior to conventional private radio networks. Using the LEX MDC, a mobile officer can enter information using a 2D barcode or magstrip reader and wirelessly run and "wants and warrants" checks through NLETS and NCIC in seconds. LEX MDC stores an entire shift's worth of data for easy reference and report generation.

Team Smith & Wesson Crowns Three National Champions at IDPA Nationals

October 10, 2013
From Smith & Wesson