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FIRE Panel is designed to fit fuel tanks of police cruisers. Well documented in the news, fires in CVPIs have occurred after a high-speed rear end impact and have cost many officers their lives from an otherwise survivable collision. A FIRE Panel, installed directly on the axel side fuel tank of the CVPI, provides a strong layer of fire protection for the officer(s) and/or occupants of the CVPI.FIRE Panel is easily installed by fleet maintenance personnel, has no moving parts, and deploys automatically. Over 25,000 panels are in use by more than 150 police organizations nationwide. Customers include the New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Idaho and North Carolina State Police and the Cities of Dallas, Phoenix and Portland. Call 1-866-607-0747 today to order a CD-ROM of our most recent crash tests and to receive more information and pricing.

  • 8435 N. 90th St.
  • Suite 2
  • Scottsdale, AZ 85258
  • United States
  • Phone: 480-607-0595
  • Toll Free: 888-282-8394
  • Fax: 480-778-1773
  • Website: http://www.firepanel.net

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FIRE Panel

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The FIRE Panel is a retrofittable fuel tank fire protection technology available for the Crown Victoria Police Interceptor. In order to reach the fuel tank with some object that would puncture or ignite the fuel, that object must first pass through a breakable, protective wrap containing fire suppressing powder that is installed around the exterior of the fuel tank. The puncturing of this protective wrap releases a "cloud" of fire suppressing powder that "inerts" the space around the fuel tank, thereby preventing the ignition of the fuel or quickly suppressing a created fire. This simple, highly effective technology can be installed in under 30 minutes without modification to the vehicle or dropping the fuel tank. FIRE Panel is currently in use on more than 25,000 CVPIs, and is also the fuel tank fire suppression installed on thousands of US military tactical and MRAP vehicles.

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