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Targeting Technologies offers affordable Turning Target platforms that are wireless remote controlled (powered by "D" batteries), portable, and designed so that any number of turning targets can be linked together to create tactical training scenerios or simple multiple officer qualifier drills. Operation modes include a) immediate turn, b) random time delay turn with adjustable target exposure then return to edge, c)programable sequence turns. All modes have the option of a shoot or no-shoot turn. New in our product line is the Mobile Tactical Adversary. A battery powered, remote controlled, 4-wheel drive robot with numerous target mounting options.
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Mobile Tactical Adversary


The MTA (Mobile Tactical Adversary) from Targeting Technologies LLC offers an affordable alternative, or addition, to fixed target systems that are limited to simple bi-directional movement. With the variety of targeting options that can be mounted on the MTA, reality based training can be stepped up quite a few notches when you employ the MTA in your training program. The MTA is a radio controlled, 4-wheel drive, battery powered, moving target platform. With a 360 degree (in place) turn radius and speed of 6 mph, approximately twice average walking speed. Forward/reverse movement along with simultaneous left/right turns are available at the touch of the remote control, the MTA can add some serious dynamics to reaction times, threat response decisions, target acquisition ability, and accuracy under pressure.

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