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For over 50 years the principals who are Sensors & Software Inc. have led the way in pioneering research and development as well as manufacturing in the ground penetrating radar (GPR) world. Our CEO, company founders, and world renowned staff are industry experts who have earned the respect of their academic peers, regularly publishing break through papers that are eagerly anticipated by both the scientific and engineering communities.

Our unrivalled pedigree of expertise goes beyond theory and academic and stems from producing high-end GPR solutions in collaboration with the world’s top government, research institutions and industry leaders. Sensors & Software is one of the few companies that researches, designs and manufactures complete GPR solutions in-house, thereby guaranteeing quality and excellence at every step.

Above and beyond all of the theory, the engineering and the academic credentials is our overwhelming desire to take this knowledge and bring it to those who need it in a real and practical way. Sensors & Software cares about customers and their specific requirements. We want to understand the issues that face our clients on a day-to-day basis, and so we listen, ask questions, and provide solutions.

This overwhelming need to provide solutions is based on Sensors & Software’s five core values.  We bring Innovation, Integrity, Excellence, Passion, and Professionalism to every project we take-on no matter the size or complexity.  As a result of this engrained philosophy, “Our GPR solutions are often imitated but never equaled”, to quote CEO Peter Annan, especially when looking at data quality and accuracy.


Today, Sensors & Software offers innovative GPR solutions that target a wide variety of industries and applications. We anticipate our customers’ needs and deliver practical, innovative, and cost effective solutions. We have a range of products and configurations, including the LMX100, Noggin®, pulseEKKO® Pro, FINDAR™ and Conquest®, that each address specific industry needs. True to our roots, we think outside the box and develop customized systems when needed.  

Target Your Investigations With FINDAR

Target Your Investigations With FINDAR

August 12, 2014
From Sensors & Software Inc.
FINDAR Forensic Focused Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) System

FINDAR Forensic Focused Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) System

From Sensors & Software Inc.