Company Details:
8035 Ranchers Rd.
Fridley, MN 55432

Phone: 763-780-8780 x107
Toll Free: 877-770-MIRT x107
Fax: 763-780-5747

We are a manufacture/distributor of the MIRT a economical traffic preemption emitter. We are setting up distributorships all over the country to sell the emitter to all Police, Fire, EMTS, and others that can legaly use preemption. Introducing the Stealth-EVP, a waterproof version of the MIRT. It is for exterior mounting, on the bumper, below the bumper, in the grill, will replace many factory foglights, monut on firefighter roll bars, will fit many light bars, and it is perfectr for mounting on police or escort motorcycles. Much smaller than the MIRT but range up to 3500 feet check it out at www.themirt.com