Company Details:
802 Eglinton Ave. E
Toronto, ON M4G 2L1 Canada

Phone: 416-483-6339
Fax: 416-483-2357

Mobile Data Exchange is the manufacturer of Video In Motion (VIM), a next generation mobile video security and surveillance application that automatically captures, stores, digitizes and compresses high resolution video and streams it over wireless networks to handheld devices. Personnel at law-enforcement, security organizations or military agencies can view video and control multiple cameras from the same location in real time on both standard PCs and wireless handheld devices. Brings the advantage of knowing whatan alarm situation entails before actually entering a building or area so the right resources can be deployed and psecurity breachescan be prevented before they occur. Can be used to create an early warning system to safeguard public access spaces from the threat of attacks. Officials can view and control cameras via secure networks while mobile, and respond faster if a crisis enfolds.