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Our "MonoLoc" Night Vision Systems are unique and patented products that provides a 'quick attach/detach and 'no tools required' method of connecting a night vision monocular/goggle to standard daylight optical devices. To mention a few, rifle scopes, spotting scopes, CQB sights, cameras, camcorders, laser rangefinders, binoculars, ect., can all be used at night with a night vision monocular and the MonoLoc! As you might already know, this versatility makes a major impact in cost savings and weight reduction for your agencies and forces! These distinct advantages add probability of mission successes at reduced costs in dollars and weight. Our MonoLoc is combat proven and is in use with virtually every special operations combat group in the USA. It is also in use with some of our allied forces as well. The MonoLoc is also used within our federal government law enforcement agencies as well as state and local police departments across America.