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2958 Germantown Rd.
Minden, LA 71055

Phone: 318-371-9287

Why spend thousands on vehicles, maintenance and manpower when you can put our decoys out and accomplish the same job just as effectively. Check out our patented photorealistic 3-D police vehicle. Coming in 2005 our radar drones and a full-size inflatable police car will be available. TraffiCop is a three dimensional lifesize lithograph of a police car. Complete with LED flashing lights activated by the Ka band radar. The product is built on proven technology. These come with battery or solar power and can be trailer mounted. We also offer solar powered Ka and X band radar drones. Lower your call response times and SAVE money on your budget. Our decoys have a long lifespan under extreme weather and road conditions. Call us now or visit our website for more information.