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Glenbrook Technologies was founded in 1983 to answer the needs of the electronics fabrication industry for critical X-ray inspection to improve device quality. Glenbrook's unique, high sensitivity, high resolution X-ray inspection systems are ideal for imaging soft materials such as powders, particulates, explosives and other hard-to-detect dangerous materials. Glenbrook has developed a variety of real-time X-ray inspection systems specifically for the security industry.

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New X-ray Technology


Glenbrook Technologies introduces a new x-ray technology for security screening of mail, parcels and hand luggage for "at-risk" locations such as animal research laboratories, family planning clinics and government or military facilities. Glenbrook's real-time x-ray screening systems provide high-resolution, highly magnified images of organic and inorganic particles, powders, plastic explosives, detonators, liquids and micro-circuitry. The systems incorporate Glenbrook's patented MXRA x-ray camera, which can analyze even small quantities of materials that are not dense enough for conventional x-ray systems to detect. Magnified, computer-processed images of the contents of letters, packages or briefcases are displayed in real time on a monitor and can be stored or e-mailed as needed. Glenbrook's security x-ray screening systems are available in both console and portable desktop versions.

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