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3119 Sunset Terrace
San Mateo, CA 94403

Phone: 650-572-9230
Fax: 650-572-0264

RESCUE/FORCIBLE ENTRY TOOLS: Rescue Combo BC250, Handy Rescue System HRS92 and Steel Bar Cutters ORC16 & 19. Cutting, Shearing, Spreading or Pulling metal stuff in seconds whenever it is needed. All our products are designed to be compact and lightweight, using e-Hydraulic engines with batteries. Thanks to the self-contained power sources, your activities won't be limited. BATTERY-OPERATED! NO POWER CORDS OR HOSES! NO GASOLINE! HYDRAULIC POWER! NO SETUP TIME!......."Real Portability" You can easily put the tools into yur car, boat and aircraft. Please visit our web-site.