Company Details:
250 S. Sprague Rd.
Coldwater, MI 49036

Phone: 517-278-7475
Fax: 517-278-7475

Originater and distributer of our famous POLYFOAM target backers and also our portable stands. Very lightweight--very rigid,no need of metal framework,--self supporting and 100% WATERPROOF.They can be used with any caliber firearm. Our foam backers are used in permanent installations as well as our portable stands. Optional portable stand is a stable,heavy round base that resists ricochet, and a vertical shaft that locks into position. Our polyfoam backers are somewhat self-sealing and will last for several thousand rounds. Standard size is 24" X 48" X 3" 100% WATERPROOF. Our special target fasteners, which are INCLUDED, replace the need for staples, staple gun, tape, etc.