Company Details:
925 Golden Beech Dr.
Brookville, OH 45309

Phone: 937-770-1190
Toll Free: 866-500-2661
Fax: 937-770-1191

ProComm Americas is SAVOX in the USA. SAVOX Communications specializes in the design and manufacture of accessories for professional wireless communications. SAVOX 'hands-free' products connect to two-way radios and phones for clear and reliable communications between professional users, whatever the conditions, even in extreme and hazardous ones, helping to make their work safer and more effective. Public safety and industrial users around the world rely on SAVOX Communications' equipment for saving lives, protecting people from potential danger, and ensuring safety in various industrial processes. High reliability, durability, clarity of sound, and ease of use have been design priorities for SAVOX products throughout its history, and have seen the company become the leading manufacturer of professional safety communication accessories worldwide.