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11875 E. Telegraph Rd.
Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670

Phone: 877-686-8868
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EZ Dupe manufactures professional CD & DVD stand-alone duplication systems. We successfully market as an OEM source & branded vendor. We're proud that consumers, businesses, & government have made our products an acknowledged vehicle for high-speed duplicating of audio, video & data. For Law Enforcement & Court usage, employing the DVD format as opposed to tape immediately creates long-lived evidence support with split second case imagery call up. Evidence redundancy becomes abundant with the additional benefit of real time cost efficiencies. In respect to potential degradation of evidence due to the harsh physics of tape, replacing this medium with non-atmospheric reactive DVD media can play an important role in evidentiary support for cases with long roads. In the short run, replacing shelves of videotape with a stack of DVD's not only creates more space in evidence rooms, but the ability to create back-ups on-the-fly for involved personnel is valuable procedurally.

Disk Lok systems

Disk Lok systems