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Since 1994 Recall Technologies has exclusively served the Law Enforcement community, providing state-of-the-art telephone intercept solutions primarily designed for smaller to medium sized agencies. Known for their extreme ease of use, Recall Technologies products are favored by major federal, state, and municipal agencies throughout the US, and in over 20 other countries worldwide.
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PerfectVision Interrogator


Initially designed to be the perfect tool to conduct criminal interviews, the new generation of digital video recording equipment makes it easy to conduct witness and victim interviews, too. High quality video recordings can be invaluable, and are being used more and more in place of a live courtroom testimony—which can be extremely stressful for children or elderly witnesses and victims. Systems that record audio in stereo are essential. Recall Technologies, Inc.'s PerfectVision Interrogator records its audio in stereo. It perfectly synchronizes audio and video, making analysis easy for everyone involved in the case. Ease of use is paramount, along with features like dual DVD recordings that provide two copies immediately after the interview. The system is also designed to back up recordings so the potential for loss is completely eliminated.

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