Company Details:
17 Park Dr.
Pleasant Valley, NY 12569

Phone: 845-635-9485
Toll Free: 845-797-0182

POlicePRo v6 was released in Spring 2003. PolicePro is a total information management system for small police departments (under 50 officers). From the time the phone rings and the dispatch ticket is created until the incident is wrapped up, PolicePro handles all the arrest information, statements, criminal complaint, evidence records and reports and creates virtual case files on every incident. PolicePro can also track your accident investigations, traffic tickets, personnel records, firearm records, alarm billing, work schedules... you name it. If you run or work for a local police department and are tired of running second to the big outfit down the road, PolicePro can give you a handle on your information that is second to none. Wireless for laptops is in development and expected in early 2004.