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MaxaVision is the sole GSA representative (GSA contract# GS-07F-9160D)for the MaxaBeam Hand Held Xenon SearchLight in use with the U.S. Navy, Border Patrol, Custom Service and many other Federal, State & local law enforcement agencies. In addition, MaxaVision now represents Zisto's Corporation and their WalkAbout Portable Video Systems. This highly deployable, modular search & surveillance system has direct application to the SWAT, Counter Drug, Anti-Terror, Base Security and Force Protection Mission. A totally modular system, WalkAbout can be equipped with interchangeable color, Infra Red or Thermal camera heads, which are self lit with LEDS. Power is supplied by rechargeable NMH batteries or can be powered by commercial D cells or vehicle 12VDC power. Law Enforcement and military user references are available. Call so that we may schedule a demonstration.