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1600 Tysons Blvd., 8th Floor
McLean, VA 22102

Phone: 866-995-2262
Fax: 703-991-2508

ZyLAB's signature tool suite, ZyIMAGE 5.0, offers the most-comprehensive information archiving, investigating, retrieving, organizing and sharing solution for professionals in the legal, law enforcement, anti-fraud, and intelligence fields. Our highly advanced optical character recognition (OCR) and "fuzzy" search technology makes all of your electronic and scanned documents fully searchable, even e-mail and its attachments. ZyIMAGE recognition and full-text indexing technology supports 200 languages and over 270 electronic formats, a range of functionality required by the top security professionals investigating global criminal activities. In addition, ZyIMAGE's full open-source XML framework means your information will be available for as long as you need it, in its original format, without any need for expensive upgrades or reformatting of information.