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585 N. Front St., Suite 162
Woodburn, OR 97303

Phone: 503-463-9322

With the ever increasing requirements of our Law Enforcement, Military and Civilian sectors, a greater demand and responsibility has been placed upon the manufactures and distributors to product and market a quality products that meet or exceed the rigorous conditions on the battle field at home and abroad. Tactical Precision System, Inc. (TPS) in conjunction with several high quality OEM (Original Equipment Manufactures) are bringing to market, products that meet those demanding challenges at a cost that is reasonable and not over inflated due solely to the lack of competition in the marketplace. Whether you are a soldier on the battlefield or a well-equipped sportsman, you will quickly realize the difference in all of the products that TPS offers. From the Engineering and Design work to the flawless machining in the final products, we refuse to compromise our quality for pricing