Company Details:
2333 Minnis Dr., Suite G
Fort Worth, TX 76117

Phone: 888-800-0087
Toll Free: 817-222-3300
Fax: 817-222-3305

Manufactures SeekerPlus Metal Detector: extremely rugged, adjustable sensitivity with 360° scan and pinpoint detection, designed for heavy duty use for corrections, public venues with heavy traffic, schools, airports, entertainment clubs. Also provides extremely compact SeekerOne, palm-sized discreet metal detector for spot-checks: for schools, clubs, police & security officers. Provides Life Jacket(TM) Firearms Locking Security Cases for transportation and storage of firearms. Smallest locking case to secure and transport a firearm with. Available in steel and lightweight steel-reinforced polycarbonate models for handguns, shotguns, AR15/M16.