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Affordable, easy-to-use, self defense & personal protection products. Safely immobilize your attacker with our high quality line of non-lethal pepper sprays, mace, stun guns, stun batons & air taser guns. Take our high potent bear spray or animal repellent with you when you go camping, hunting, fishing or out in the wild. Our portable, personal alarms & child safety products give your family members added security whether at home or away. Choose from one of our many self defense, "street fighting" videos to learn self defense from the experts! Former top navy seals, world champion martial artists & top foreign & American military intelligence reveal their street fighting secrets and techniques applicable in real world situations. These are not your ordinary self defense videos! We also carry knives, handcuffs, metal detectors, safety lights & hidden safes, paintball supplies, crossbows, martial arts weapons, more! Satisfaction guaranteed. Free shipping on orders above $50.00.