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232 N. Mayflower Ave.
Monrovia, CA 91016

Phone: 626-358-1454
Fax: 626-359-1477

Affordable line of quality surveillance, security and spy equipment for home or office. Easy-to-use, easy to install. Let us know what your particular security needs are and we will match you up with the right products. Find out where a particular car has been driven with our vehicle tracking systems. Covertly check up on a particular suspect or location. Know what your suspect, neighbor, spouse, babysitter, etc. are really up to when you're not there! Our hidden cameras are cleverly concealed into everyday, ordinary items, such as a clock or a lamp. available. ONLY YOU will know that a camera is inside. Audio also available. Try a wireless camera for mobile applications. To record activity in complete darkness, use our night vision cameras. Cameras can be hooked up to the internet or phone line for remote viewing. Our digital video recorders and motion activated VCR's can record your security camera action. Other high tech security cameras and equipment available. Free shipping!