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CoolZone personal cooling systems reduce body heat load in hot environments, strenuous work or protective gear for up to 4 hours. This increases wearer efficiency and alertness, triples operational time and improves performance. Their use eliminates heat fatigue and danger of heat stroke - even at 100+F! The "phase-change" reusable inserts cool at a constant rate of 55 degrees. They are lightweight, comfortable to wear, and recharge in only 20 minutes in ice-water or refrigerator. Ideal for police, traffic duty, SWAT, Bomb Squad, Seach & Rescue, helicopter crews and . Cooling Vests, SWAT pads, seats, helmet coolers and K-9 units available including under-armor and fire resistant models. Range of colors and options including Hi-Viz and tactical versions. CoolZones assure you stay "cool" and maintain your edge.