Company Details:
1750 Goedderz Rd., Suite C
Baxter, MN 56425

Phone: 218-828-3157
Toll Free: 800-237-9576
Fax: 218-828-3157

Intercon 1 provides Camera Link(cm), CCD, LVDS, RS-422, and ruggedized precision camera cable and assemblies globally for demanding high-speed digital forensic security equipment. Intercon 1 Camera Link(cm) certified assemblies are currently being used in the most respected digital fingerprint and facial recognition systems. At the station or in the field Intercon 1 products exceed expectations for electrical and mechanical performance. Intercon 1 supplies products directly to the OEM's equipping you with the hottest leading edge evidence evaluating and storage apparatus. For demanding environments, coated metal shielding can be applied directly to cables to augment armor protection. Products in the line include Camera Link(cm), camera hook-up, remote-head camera and laser cable assemblies. Featured products include AC to DC camera power supplies, adapters and switches. Design services are available through the Product Development Department located in Baxter, Minnesota.