Company Details:
Barrandova 409
Praha, CZ 14300 Czech Republic

Phone: ++420-225 273 650
Fax: ++420-225 273 680

NEOVISION, s. r. o. is a company specialized in machine vision applications and image processing. Our Products: SurfScan The system SurfScan is designed to capture and store the images of the surface a cylindrical lock core. The images are captured in a known scale so the direct comparison of cores damaged by similar or identical tools is possible. The system can be easily modified for capturing of the bullets (ballistics) or other objects. In addition the software can export a textured VRML model of the measured object. MicroFocus MicroFocus is the software allowing to create sharp images corresponding to image from a large depth of field microscope from a sequences of microscopic images taken by a shallow depth of field microscope. Application and/or SDK available.