Company Details:
785 Pacific Rd.
Unit 11
Oakville, ON L6L 6M3 Canada

Phone: 866-733-5842
Fax: 866-733-5843

Deltic offers a range of specialty equipment for bomb disposal, tactical and homeland security use including: (i) Robotic Vehicles (ROV); (ii) Water Disrupters (including recoilless); (iii) Hard-wired, Shock Tube and Radio-controlled Initiators; (iv) Hook and Line Kits; (v) Search Kits; (vi) Surveillance Equipment; (vii) Metal Detectors (hand-held scanners and walk-through type); (viii) Alarmed Security Fencing; (ix) Armor Protected Flotation Vests; (x) Abseil and Swarming Ropes; plus other equipment. Visit Deltic's web site at and follow the "Defence and Security" link for a complete product listing and more information.