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SPA Defense is the sole manufacturer and distributor of the SIMRAD KN203FAB and KN253FAB Night Weapons Sights for the United States. The SIMRAD KN203FAB is the highest performing night weapons sight on the market in resolution and clarity. SPA Defense also distributes a variety of training and tactical gear to the US Military, Federal Governement and Law Enforcement agencies nationwide.

  • 3409 N.W. Ninth Ave., Suite 1104
  • Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309
  • United States
  • Phone: 954-568-7690
  • Toll Free: 877-877-7690
  • Fax: 954-630-4159
  • Website:

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Lancer L5 AWM Advanced Warfighter Magazine

Product From SPA DEFENSE

SPA Defense announced the Lancer L5 AWM Advanced Warfighter Magazine for semi-automatic rifles that accept STANAG 4179 magazines. The L5 AWM is a hybrid magazine that combines the best features of polymer and steel magazine designs. Unique to the L5 AWM is the one piece wrap around steel feed lip assembly that is permanently attached to an impact resistant polymer body. The steel feed lip assembly is made from a single piece of precision formed steel that is hardened and PTFE coated for corrosion resistance. The hardened steel feed lip assembly won’t bend, break, or deform dueto rough handling or long term storage.

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