Company Details:
445 Coloma St.
Sausalito, CA 94965

Phone: 800-333-5773
Fax: 415-331-0195

Manufacturer of the FACE-IT Spit Shield, FOG anti-fog spray and NO-Sweat head bands. The lightweight SPIT shield features a fluid barrier fabric attached below a full face shield. The barrier fabric is held in place by a neck band. The SPIT shield fits over the head easily, and sits snugly on the head. The SPIT shield acts as a barrier against biting or spitting. The optically clear SPIT shield is anti-fog coated allowing clear vision in and out of the shield. The shield design provides air flow for comfortable breathing. Law Enforcement personnel have immediate observation, and assessment, of a prisoners visual vital signs without having to remove the protective shield. ANTI-FOG SPRAY - FOG spray is an effective anti-fog formula designed for glasses, goggles, visors or masks. FOG dries clear, providing long lasting, effective anti-fog protection. NO-Sweat bands are designed to be worn across the forehead and absorb many times its weight in moisture without swelling.