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Manufacturer of extruded sheet and laminates for the security glazing and bullet resistant materials. We are a subsidiary of the Bayer Company with world wide resources to provide up to Level 111 security and forced entry products. Makrolon Hygard laminated sheets are offered in a wide range of configurations, rated to provide specific levels of resistance to forced entry and ballistic penetration. Unlike other security glazing materials Makrolon Hygard polycarbonate laminates resist spalling to maintain maximum visibility under attack. Makrolon Hygard laminates come with an abrasion resistant coating on both sides, which provide enhanced weatherability and scratch resistance. When you choose Makrolon Hygard laminated polycarbonate materials, you are selecting premier security and detention glazing.

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MAKROLON HYGARD Bullet-resistant Glazing


MAKROLON HYGARD bullet resistant glazing from Sheffield Plastics Inc. offers bullet resistant containment up to UL 752 Level 3. It also offers greater optical clarity and more abrasion resistance than other polycarbonate sheets. MAKROLON HYGARD manufactures three products: BR750, BR1000 and BR1250. The BR750 is a three-ply MAKROLON polycarbonate sheet with an acrylic interlayer suited for security applications requiring UL Listed Level 1 bullet resisting glazing. The BR1000 is a four-ply MAKROLON polycarbonate sheet achieving UL Listed Level 2 bullet resisting glazing. The BR1250 is also a four-ply MAKROLON polycarbonate sheet, but its superior strength is suited for high-level security applications requiring UL Listed Level 3 bullet resisting glazing.

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