Manufacturer of Captair Brand products and GreenFumeHood Technology. Captair Ductless Filtering Fume Hoods feature enhanced filtration, modular design and expanded use. CaptairStore chemical storage and inventory management systems feature Erlab filtration technology, eliminates odors and keeps chemicals stored safely in your lab with 24 hr. continuous filtration. The PowderCap features Hepa filtration for the safe manipulation and accurate weighing of powders, Biocap DNA/RNA enclosures and the patented Captair Pyramid disposable glove box. Erlab: Industry Leader since 1968

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  • Rowley, MA 01969
  • United States
  • Phone: 800-964-4434
  • Toll Free: 978-948-2216
  • Fax: 978-948-3354
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Captair Flex

Product From ERLAB INC.

By Erlab Inc., CAPTAIR FLEX ductless filtering fume hood is adaptable, flexible and modular. Safely work in the lab while:

  • Reducing operating costs due to their very low energy consumption,
  • Eliminate all set-up costs related to the installation of a ducted airflow system.
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    Captair Pyramid Disposable Glove Boxes

    Product From ERLAB INC.

    Captair Pyramid Disposable Glove Boxes are light-weight, easy-to-assemble, portable isolation enclosures. Designed specifically for portability, they can be used on a laboratory countertop or the hood of an officer's car in the field, great for sample gathering or forensic investigation. They collapse and store easily in their own bag when not in use. Although disposable, the PVC material is durable enough to use again and again if not punctured or otherwise damaged. Features include re-sealable zipper opening, PVC medical gloves with arm openings equipped with cuffs, high-resistance top-mounted O-ring, support rods and a gas insertion valve for inert gas applications. Each Pyramid has a serial number for traceability.

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