Company Details:
831 Devonshire Rd.
Unit 14
Victoria, BC V9A 4T5 Canada

Phone: 250-479-4868
Fax: 250-479-5980

Divelink International Technologies is the developer and manufacturer of the Divelink system of wireless underwater voice-activated communication - the first completely hands-free way for divers to communicate with each other and the surface. The system is not triggered by bubble or ambient noise and automatic gain and squelch leaves the diver hands-free for the duration of the dive. Divelink has the only waterproof microphone on the market. It can be repeatedly flooded and withstand pressure differentials to depths of over 200 feet. Divers can communicate with each other at a range of up to 4500 feet. The Divelink system attaches to any mask and can be fully integrated into an existing system. It is the only system equipped with an emergency signal to alert other divers and the surface when a diver is in distress. Divelink's underwater communication system is priced between $759 US for a standard model and $1500 US for custom-built specialized equipment.