Company Details:
16760 Schoenborn St.
North Hills, CA 91343

Fax: 818-830-1084

EV Global Motors Company was founded by Lee Iacocca in 1997. EV Global Motors is an international company dedicated to the design, marketing, and distribution of light electric personal vehicles. Today EVG is the creator of the E-Bike line of electric bicycles, including the innovative Police Edition E-Bike (the PE model), the Lithium powered folding Mini E-Bike, the E-Trike, the E-Scoot, and many more exciting electric bikes. To find a dealer nearest you or to view the E-Bike product line visit our website. For further information please call the EVG corporate offices at 800-871-4545. Enjoy the E-Bike experience!

4RE HD Wireless In-Car Video System

4RE HD Wireless In-Car Video System

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