Company Details:
163 Hidden Lake Rd.
P.O. Box 829
Higganum, CT 06441-0829

Phone: 860-345-4751
Toll Free: 860-345-4872
Fax: 860-345-4751

TMA manufactures and sells dry-fire safety devices for M16/AR-15 and M1/M14/M1A type patrol rifles; which permit absolutely safe dry-firing and improve the operator's trigger techniques/accuracy which lowers liability risk in critical tactical situations and eliminates risk in tactical training excercises and weapons retention and malfunction clearance drills. The M16/AR-15 device also helps prevent the misuse of patrol rifles by unauthorized persons. TMA also sells hard shell sight protectors for M16A2/AR-15A2 patrol rifles, which prevent sight damage and keep the sights clean to ensure a crisp sight picture. The sight protectors are especially useful where the patrol rifles are stored in vehicle racks or soft cases/drag bags. All products can be emblazoned with department/unit insignia. TMA also provides design services.