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Applied Integration is a leader in mobile digital video recording. We design and manufacture state of the art in-car digital audio/video recording systems. The Incharge 5555 system is the first all digital, stand alone, complete video solution for the interior of a patrol vehicle or surveillance van. With its small size and ruggedized constuction, the InCharge 5555 is the best choice for recording high-qualitiy audio/video with tools to provide for long-term storage, archiving, and retrieval. Our video is NON-TAMPERABLE and MUCH HIGHER-QUALITY THAN MPEG video.
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InCharge 4300 Digital Video/Audio Network Interface


The InCharge 4300 Digital Video/Audio Network Interface is a digital network appliance that acts as either a video-to-network interface or a network-to-video interface. It provides access to high-quality video images from a standard NTSC or PAL camera over an Ethernet LAN, and the use of TCP/IP protocol ensures global Internet access.The InCharge 4300, from Applied Integration Corp., is capable of supporting visually lossless to 350:1 real-time compression and decompression of digital video with very high image quality. This solution allows customers to overlay video on top of existing network wiring infrastructure, eliminating the need to run additional wiring specifically for cameras. It also allows for the rapid setup and removal of a digital closed-circuit TV (CCTV) link as changing surveillance needs dictate.

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