Data911 is committed to engineering and manufacturing technologically advanced mobile computer systems with vehicle occupant safety as the utmost priority. We hold to a philosophy of "client first", and our talented staff is dedicated to developing strategies that optimize organizational efficiency and effectiveness. Our products are designed and built in the U.S for Public Safety and commercial fleet vehicles.

About Us

Data911 is a USA company founded in 1984 and headquartered in Alameda, CA. Data911 has been a leader in mobile computing for 30 years. We develop, design, manufacture and support rugged in-car computer and digital video systems for commercial fleets and public safety fleets – all under one roof in Alameda, CA.

Data911 focuses on providing mobile hardware and software systems for vehicular environments, our largest market being Public Safety. We began as a developer and manufacturer of software applications specifically for Public Safety and expanded our focus and product development into the mobile computing hardware arena in the late 80's.

Data911 is considered by many to be a one-stop shop for vehicular computing needs. Our suite of products provides a vehicle area network consisting of in-car mobile computer systems; in-car cameras with live-streaming video; license plate recognition; body-worn video; and a cloud-hosted, low-cost AVL service for entire fleets. Our integrated solutions and product upgrade program provide the latest in technology at a lower total cost of ownership than other solutions.  As we are the original developer of our hardware and software, one call provides complete technical support for our products and all repairs are done in our corporate location in Alameda, CA.

Our approach to vehicular computing is built around three key benchmarks:

  • Occupant Safety
  • Long-term Value Supported by an Upgrade Path
  • Long-term Predictable Support

Why choose our systems?

Occupant Safety Comes First

We designed our rugged displays to be dash-mounted, safely out of the air bag zone. Unlike laptops, there is no worry about equipment dislodging and causing injury to the driver or passengers in the event of airbag deployment.

Long-term Value

Our products last over two times longer than our competitors' products, and we have a unique upgrade path that enables long-term cost savings.

Upgrade Path

Data911 products are built to last. Product durability, coupled with our unique upgrade path, results in lower long-term cost of ownership as compared to other solutions. Our products' modularity allows for components to be upgraded individually while preserving full-functionality of the system; products are forward and backward compatible. Additionally, our Mobile Computer Systems have the longest hardware life-cycle in the industry with a 10-yr+ useable life backed by a 10-yr+ available warranty.

Ergonomic Comfort

We specifically designed our systems to support ergonomically-friendly in-car computing, allowing both the driver and the passenger easy access to the computer. The LCD optics are ideal for wide angle viewing which eliminates the need to adjust the display position. The illuminated keyboard is separate from the display and portable, allowing easy access by either occupant.

Sunlight Readable LED Touch Screen Displays

Our rugged displays are sunlight visible even in direct sunlight. They have high-bright LED touch screens and are available in 4 sizes. The displays are dash-mounted which reduces clutter within the vehicle and allows eyes to stay at the proper/safe level. The displays are both thin and extremely durable, made from tough glass and designed to withstand years of use and abuse in rugged environments. Data911 displays can dock with any type of computer.


Our systems are not off-the-shelf products. We customize configurations and installations to meet customers' specific requirements. Our dedicated staff and professional technicians take great care to ensure that our products will meet each customer's needs for the long term.


We provide long-term, predictable support which allows customers to extend the product life and get more from their investment. The Alameda Corporate office houses Operations, Engineering and Manufacturing and supports all divisions of Data911. One phone call will get you to the appropriate expert and the help you need. Data911 provides support for all of our computer systems for up to 10 years. This support is available to customers who have opted to purchase the extended warranty and to customers who prefer to pay on a "time and materials" basis. Data911's Service Department has technicians available from 5am to 5pm PST to provide support during normal business hours in all of the continental United States. All "in warranty" repairs are typically completed within 5 business days.

Installation and Training

Hardware training can be held onsite or at our home office in Alameda. Training consists of working with the installation team on how to perform the installation of the Data911 hardware to our specifications. Troubleshooting and maintenance training is also provided so customers or installers can provide a first line of support prior to their having to call the Data911 Hardware Service Department. This training can be provided in the "train the trainer" format as well as training entire teams directly. Software training can be held onsite or at our home office in Alameda. Data911 provides all product updates, upgrade information and telephone Help Desk support for customers under warranty. Warranties can be extended on a yearly basis.

Product Evaluation Program

We're so confident in the performance of our products that we offer free evaluation trials of our systems. Our technicians will expertly install the evaluation units according to user specifications. 

Client references available upon request

  • 2021 Challenger Dr.
  • Alameda, CA 94501
  • United States
  • Phone: 510-865-9100
  • Toll Free:
  • Fax: 510-865-9090
  • Website:

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Verus In-Car HD Digital Video

Product From Data911

Data911's new Verus HD Digital Video System is a complete mobile video management solution specifically designed for Public Safety and Law Enforcement agencies. Verus brings you the very latest in-car video technology and is unique in that it utilizes open standards HD/IP cameras and can flexibly support a wide variety of configurations and special uses. Features include support for 6 POE/IP HD cameras, 4 independent audio channels including dual 900Mhz wireless microphones, touch screen control interface software, body worn camera integration, LPR ready, and h.264 video encoding. Verus also supports wireless video file transfer, pre-event recording, system and event triggers, the ability to push software configuration changes and updates to the vehicle from the station, and much more. Data911 provides customer technical support and warranty service through our highly trained staff of qualified technology experts in Alameda, California. 

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Web AVL - Automatic Vehicle Location

Product From Data911

Web AVL is a highly secure vehicle tracking solution that utilizes familiar Google Maps and is designed for public safety agencies.  It is a fully hosted Software as a Service (SaaS) application accessible via any computer in your facility or fleet with a browser and access to the Internet. 

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License Plate Recognition (LPR/ALPR)

Product From Data911

Data911 can provide full-fleet License Plate Recognition (LPRALPR) at a fraction of the cost to equip a single patrol vehicle with a competitive LPR system. Our LPR technology is integrated with our Mobile Digital Video software and does not require a separate dedicated computer as other systems do. It runs on the same computer as your other in-vehicle applications

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M7 In-Car Computer System

Product From Data911

The M7's modular design: CPU, sunlight readable LED touch screen display and optional, detachable keyboard, allows for a variety of mounting options and cost-effective upgrades. The rugged system is designed to hold up to harsh vehicular environments and to perform in extreme temperature conditions. The system is built to last with a 10-yr+ useable life backed by a 10-yr+ available warranty. The M7 is backwards compatible with all generations of Data911 M series mobile computers.

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