Company Details:
224 N. Sherman Ave.
Corona, CA 92882-1843

Phone: 909-736-0225
Fax: 909-736-0415

Mighty Mover Trailers, Inc is a Toy Trailer Manufacturing Company. We manufacture Enclosed Trailers to Flatbed Auto Trailers to Utility Trailers to Speed Radar Trailers. Do you need a Trailer to haul your ATV's, Sandrail, Jeep, Buggy or just need to haul furniture? Have Landscaping needs? Need a Trailer for your (or any size) Generator? We offer a wide variety of Custom built Trailers, be it fully enclosed to open Trailers. We can manufacture what the needs for your Trailer and make it be what you want it to be. If you have a need for any type of Trailer Give us a call at our sales office toll free. Or What about Parts? Have an old Dico Trailer, Need parts for current Trailer? Call our Parts Deparment Toll Free: 1-800-920-2233.