MEDTECH Forensics

Company Details:
4369 Huggins Hill Lane
Tallahassee, FL 32311

Phone: 850-878-7061
Toll Free: 800-596-6420
Fax: 850-878-6103

MEDTECH Forensics offers a large variety of crime scene, forensic, and medical examiner/coroner products. Our forensic product line includes blood detection products, fingerprint supplies, fingerprint powder, chemicals for processing prints, scene processing and evidence handling supplies, footwear impression and thief detection products, presumptive drug tests, and a full range of protective apparel products including gloves, face masks, tyvek suits, boot covers, and responder kits. We also have a line of crime scene apparel (golf shirts, t-shirts, hats), decals, and bumper stickers. Our medical examiner/coroner product line includes protective apparel, autopsy saws, blades, surgical instruments, body bags, path containers, blood collection tubes, formalin, odor control, syringes, needles, lab supplies,and linens. Our goal is to make your job easier.