Company Details:
4300 Shoreline Dr.
Spring Park, MN 55384

Phone: 800-367-8760
Fax: 952-471-0787

Fitzco is a family owned and operated business dedicated to providing our customers with quality products, unparalleled service and competitive prices. Fitzco has always focused on providing superior products to the law enforcement, medical and the over-the-counter industries. Over the years Fitzco has extended its product line of forensic and lab products to include: the FITZPAKĀ® brand products, processing plates, tubes, Spin-eZe, Sampact, evidence pouches, needle storage tubes, heat impulse sealers and specimen collection kits. Also, Fitzco stresses the commercialization of new technologies and is on the cutting edge of specimen kit manufacturing. Fitzco proudly employs over 35 people and distributes products that are manufactured and stored in a FDA Inspected Class 3 Medical Device Facility. In addition, the headquarters is a certified GMP Facility and is operated in accordance with ISO 9002 standards.

Drypak Evidence Bags

Drypak Evidence Bags