Company Details:
7007 Realm Dr., Suite B6
San Jose, CA 95119

Phone: 408-727-4889
Fax: 408-224-3869

Utilizing over two decades of RF technology experience, Swintek Enterprises is one of the USA's leading manufacturers of custom RF communication devices. Our success has come through offering a broad line of high-quality, industrial-grade radio systems, which are priced competitive and backed by an international service network. We are currently manufacturing various wireless intercom systems, transmitters, receivers and repeaters systems for Law Enforcement Surveillance, EOD Communications, Industrial Communications and Data Communications. Swintek Enterprises offers a complete line of covert transmitters, repeaters, receivers and wireless intercom products for the Law Enforcement, EOD and HAZMAT community. Our web site WWW.SWINTEK.COM is password protected for security reasons and for "Law Enforcement Only!" To gain access, fax us at 408-727-3025 on your department letterhead, and we will call back with a username and password. WWW.SWINTEK.NET is for the general public.