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Scintrex Trace Corp. manufactures the following trace detectors: ? EVD-2500 Handheld Explosive Vapour Trace Detector ? EVD-3000 Handheld Explosive Trace Detector ? E3500 Handheld Explosive Trace Detector ? N2000 Narcotic Trace Detector ? E5000 Dual Mode (Explosive and Narcotic)Detector Scintrex Trace Corp. systems detect minute traces of the particles and vapours associated with explosives and narcotics. These trace detection systems were designed with the operator in mind and have simple sampling techniques and easy to read displays. They were engineered to allow for portability, durability, quick detection and clear, accurate results. In 2001, Scintrex Trace Corp. was bought by Autoclear LCC (formerly Control Screening) and now we are able to provide not only the trace detectors but also a full line of x-ray and metal detectors. With offices in ever region across the globe, this allows us to provide excellent service, training and customer relations with all our clients.

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E3100 explosive screening device


Scintrex Trace Corporation was provided a research grant by Transport Canada to create a lightweight, portable, explosives screening device for use in the airport environment. Its latest model, the E3100 is used to detect commercial, military and homemade terrorist liquid and dry explosives using robust Chemilux sensors. The E3100 is able to process between 300 to 350 samples on a single charge of its battery. The device uses liminol cartridges, each of which last for approximately 2,000 samples.

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