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New Hope, PA 18938

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Questar Corporation is the world's leading innovator and manufacturer of Maksutov Cassegrain Catadioptric astronomical, birding, surveillance and laboratory optical systems. In 1950, Questar introduced the first truly portable, lightweight 3.5" astronomical telescope. Long regarded as the finest personal telescope in the world, the 3.5" Questar Standard is legendary in its resolution, flatness of field and contrast. Natural evolution and new technology helped to establish the next generation of instruments: the Questar 7", Questar Birder and the Questar Field Model. Today Questar is known worldwide and has set the highest standard for optical performance. In the 1960's, Questar optical systems were introduced for industrial use in many US government projects such as the Gemini space program. First in space, images of the earth taken through a Questar made and continue to make headlines