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Product From PMG INC.

The TRAP (Temporary Roadblock Apparatus Package) is now available for emergency services personnel. Used by the military, the completely portable, easily deployed TRAP system features a speed bump, a battery operated barrier and set of tire shredding road blades that retract when the barrier is opened. The TRAP can be used as a radio controlled or manned access gate, checkpoint, detour, road block or parking control device in either a left or right hand configuration. Used for day-to-day security purposes as well, the TRAP excels during emergencies, at DUI checkpoints, incidents, accidents, WMD's, MCI's, HAZMAT spills, bomb and bio threats, VIP security and as protection for hard and soft targets during elevated threat levels. All three TRAP components can be purchased and used individually as well. Options include segmented reflective gates, IR cameras and long or short range radio control.

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