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500 Harrison Ave., 3R
Boston, MA 02118

Phone: 617-482-6900

eCitation, PenFact's new automated citation and ticketing software solution for rugged, waterproof, portable Windows, CE and Pocket PC computer hardware, replaces the traditional manual paper-ticket process and eliminates costly mistakes due to handwriting or data entry errors. eCitation tickets are printed on a portable printer, easy to read and all re-keying and data entry is eliminated as data is entered directly into a handheld computer. Daily transmission of data ensures timely citation updates for management and officers have the latest scofflaw, stolen or crime vehicle information available in the field. Costly reprinting of tickets is eliminated. Officer sign's the computer and all ticket information including signature is printed on the portable printer. An officer or DA can never lose a ticket as every ticket stays in a database and can be reprinted at any time, right down to the signature. Need visual proof? Picture capturing with mark-up is now available.