Company Details:
160 W. Camino Real, No. 233
Boca Raton, FL 33432

Phone: 954-642-8997
Fax: 954-636-3533

Manufacturer of RF test equipment. Products include nearfield test receivers, frequency counters, frequency recorders, digital RF frequency counter, RF detectors, DTMF decoders and sub-audible tone decoders. Products can be used in many different applications. Testing of two-way radios, nearfield surveillance and transmitter detection. Manufacturer of the Digital Scout frequency counter, the only frequency counter available that is capable of locking onto digital modulated signals such as TDMA, GSM, APCO25, TETRA, frequency hopping spread spectrum and other pulsed RF. Also, introducing the new X Sweeper nearfield receiver with 64x128 graphical display. With a frequency range of 30MHz-3GHz the unit displays detected signals in a spectrum format allowing the user to see all RF in the nearfield, not just a single frequency at a time. Optional built-in GPS allows for the latitude and longitude to be tagged with frequency information.