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Vancouver, V6E 4A2 Canada

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ISE by InTime - Next Generation Automated Staff Scheduling for Public Safety. Delivering the highest standards of technology, automation and ease of use, our solution is backed by 17 years of experience and over 500 installations. ISE reduces operational costs and improves productivity by eliminating paper processes, simplifying daily scheduling and reducing OT hours. 

"ISE is designed to automate tedious administrative processes, while providing the oversight, control and flexibility needed to deploy in the most demanding environments."

We can help:

- Make day-to-day scheduling easy
- Manage overtime
- Streamline leave and OT requests
- Track training and equipment
- Manage special events and extra-duty assignments;
- Integrate court and subpoena process with scheduling




InTime Scheduling Engine  (ISE)

InTime Scheduling Engine (ISE)

From InTime Solutions Inc.

SpeedShift 3.1

From InTime Solutions Inc.
SpeedShift Software

SpeedShift Software

From InTime Solutions Inc.