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Guardian Brand Pepper Spray: US Army Tested Proven to be the superior performer.Can purchase from:GSA GS-07F-9003D or our NSN numbers, Cage Code: 1B6H8 1122 Participant.The Guardian Brand OC product line was developed as a tool to assist all Law Enforcement, Military, Corrections, and Security personnel. Products are currently in use by U.S. Army, DHS/ICE Law Enforcement and Military agencies, Nationally and Internationally. for several of our products. If you are a Professional looking for an effective powerfull tool for subduing non-compliant subjects, give us the opportunity to fill your needs. Contact us for a free sample of our OC products for testing and evaluation.

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  • West Berlin, NJ 08091
  • United States
  • Phone: 856-753 5007
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OC Grenade and OC Extraction Unit


The O.C. (Oleoresin Capsicum) Grenade is about the same size as an MK3 and is much like any other O.C. canister that an officer might use, except for the nozzle end. The device fits into a standard MK3 pouch. The canister comes with a protective top to prevent accidental discharge of O.C. To use the officer simply points the top of the can away from him, presses the nozzle until he feels and/or hears the click of the nozzle locking open. At this point the O.C. is dispersing andit's time to get it into the target area. The officer can toss it or roll it into the room. Guardian Protective Device's Extraction Unit is very similar to the O.C. canisters (MK3 size) that officers carry on their belts, except that it also has a clear rubber hose attached. The rubber hose is several feet long, and at the end of the hose is a hard plastic tube that is cut off at an angle allowing it to slip past or through things easily.

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