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Forensic Technology pioneered automated ballistics identification more than a decade ago and continues to be a leader in ballistics and firearms identification technologies that promote a safer society. We partner with hundreds of public safety agencies in over 39 countries and territories, providing cost-effective and sustainable solutions. With vast experience in scalable-networked solutions, we employ a dedicated team of engineering, forensic, and law enforcement professionals around the world. Forensic Technology is customer-driven, with a worldwide 24/7-customer support network and dedicated training facilities. We offer a solid corporate infrastructure that governments depend upon for ballistics and firearms identification. When used independently, our products are powerful law enforcement tools. When these components are connected to form seamless systems and networks they can take crime fighting to new levels of performance.

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Forensic Technology Inc. offers FastTRAX as the next-generation way to process ballistics evidence quickly. With FastTRAX, a police officer or agency partner performs the test firing and Forensic Technology performs the data entry, database search, and evaluation of search results. Forensic Technology then submits a report back the police agency on potential high confidence hits or matches with a recommendation for next steps. The FastTRAX service also enters test fires in national databases such as NIBIN, with results generally available in five to 10 business days.

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