EDX provides comprehensive wireless network planning tools for WiMAX, LTE, Wi-Fi, PCS/cellular, P25, TETRA, LMR/SMR, broadcast and other systems. EDX tools perform area-wide coverage/interference studies, point-to-multipoint studies, and detailed link analyses. With EDX tools, you'll find unmatched accuracy and unmatched flexibility - we offer more advanced propagation models and more study types than other available tools. In addition, there are specialized modules available for complete network design and 3D microcell ray-tracing as well as AM broadcast studies. Products include EDX SignalPro, SIGNAL Network Design Module, and Microcell/Indoor Module.

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  • Eugene, OR 97401
  • United States
  • Phone: 541-345-0019
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  • Fax: 541-345-8145
  • Website: http://www.edx.com

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