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CYCLESIREN ? Full Featured Bike Sirens for the Bike Patrol Professional. Our sirens and lighting accessories are build for reliability and performance expected by Law Enforcement. Used by Police - Beach & Park - Sheriff - Military - Metro - Emergency Medical Services and Universities. The TROOPER and PATROL MINI-SIRENS: Lightweight at less than 1 lb., including battery and strobe lighting. Siren functions are Wail, Yelp, Horn/Whistle and including the high-daylight visibility RED/BLUE LED handlebar strobe light. The PATROL has the additional Ultra-Bright White LED night-light. The CYCLESIREN ENFORCER: Our loudest siren, peak audio output power is 18 watts (118db), excellent for crowd control. Siren functions are Wail, Yelp, Air Horn, and including the high-daylight visibility RED/BLUE LED strobe light. The ENFORCER can operate on 9.6 volts or 12 volts, making the siren ideal for Bike Patrol, OHV and ATV Patrols. Taillight Options are Blue/Amber, Red/Blue, Red or Blue.

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  • Orange, CA 92869-4534
  • United States
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  • Toll Free: 877-GQ-SIREN
  • Fax: 714-415-2006
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Patrol Mini-Siren


CycleSiren's Patrol Mini-Siren has a daylight viewing red/blue LED strobe light and ultra-bright white LED patrol light. Sound modes include wail, yelp and horn. A 9.6-volt Ni-MH RC battery, which fits into the police rack or side gear pack, powers the Mini-Siren, which is ideal for police patrol of beaches and parks, emergency medical services use, and much more.

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