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Courterport Corp: Est.1974, audio recording specialists. Products developed include; Microcassette & standard cassette duplicators, 15+ models, $138 to $3900, automatic, high to medium speed, single & multi-mode. Other duplicators make standard cassette tapes from: NT2 recordings, CD's (4 way combo unit), SONY 4 track 8 mic courtroom recorders with reformatting to standard play & speed & with item selection. Other products: Multi-hour, multi-channel, digital & tape recorders for undercover, interview room & telephone usage. Accessories are short & long cable microphones, ultra-sensitive & micro-miniature with pill battery & phantom powering, & line level output models. In the late '70s, we were first to build 2 speed Microcassette recorders, 90 minute micro tapes & vox micro recorders. We supplied many recorders to the financial industry to record their telephone negotiations before computers took over.

  • 169-38 Pidgeon Meadow Rd.
  • Flushing, NY 11358
  • United States
  • Phone: 718-961-4600
  • Toll Free: 866-961-4611
  • Fax: 718-461-3283
  • Website:

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Hi-Speed Digitizer Systems


Digitized uudio has arrived but what to do with the multitude of already recorded cassette tapes that need to be digitized? Courterport's versatile line of high-speed digitizer systems with duplication features, when needed, can be tailored to anyone's needs. Shown is a system to quick shift between digitize and duplicate for both micro and standard cassette tapes at 8 and 16 times real time speed in groups of up to four tapes and even more simultaneously. Fidelity bandwidth is up to 22 KHz.

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